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Methyltin Heat Stabilizer



Methyltin heat stabilizer keeps the PVC products good early color hold, outstanding long term dynamic stability, excellent regrind stability and low odor. It has customized advantages for different PVC products and processes.

Technical Service

Herrman has a domestic first-class PVC heat stabilizers R & D center, has professional instruments and equipment of product evaluation, research and development. Herrman devotes to provide more comprehensive, efficient and professional service to customers, pursues a perfect system solution for customers

Safety of Applying

Methyltin heat stabilizer is low toxicity product, it should prevent ingestion and inhalation, please promptly wash the skin with soap if it is splashed on. During processing, there is emerging as a moderate and higher toxic gases (such as organotin chloride) risk. It should keep the workplace good ventilation, should avoid direct inhalation of toxic gases of the production operation under high-temperature.

Customer Notes

This manual is a true reflection of product characteristics, due to the difference of PVC production recipes, processing conditions and processes, we can not make any commitment. We have the right to improve the performance of product, we cannot notify to you ahead. For additional handling information, welcome to demand that by phone or mail.


Methyltin heat stabilizer is suitable specially for the heat shrink film. It is also used for PVC semi-rigid and flexible products.


Technical Data:    

Appearance            Colorless or light yellow clear liquid

Color(Pt-Co)                     ��100

Viscosity(25��C),Pa•s              0.020-0.040

Density(20��C),g/m3               1.05��0.05

Element Tin(min)                  ��50

Packing &Loading Quantity:

220kgs Plastic drum,17.6tons per 20��GP

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