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Dicumyl Peroxide



Dicumyl Peroxide is a white rhombus crystal,insoluble in water,dissolving in alcohol,ether,benzene,cumene and other organic solvents.Sublimate in high vacuum.

Specific gravity D420 is 1.0481.

Mainly decomposing into acetophenone and dimethyl carbinol.

Active oxygen content:5.8%.

Decomposing temp:120.

Half-life period:1 min.when temp.is 180;1 hr. when temp.is 135;10 hrs. when temp.is 116


As an excellent organic peroxide,DCP may serve as an initiator for polymerization,a vulcanizing agent,a crosslinking agent,or a solidifying agent,all of which have been found extensively applied to the manufacturing of macro-molecular materials such as rubberwares,polyolefin and foamed plastics. And all these material are extremely useful in PE cable insulating and shoe-making industries etc.

It is also a suitable additive for flame-retarding coatings.


Content(%wt) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------��99
Total Volatile (%wt) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------��0.10
Melting Point  (%)---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------��39.02
Appearance -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------White Crystal

Packing &Loading Quantity:

Charged into PE plastic bags,each 5kg net weight and packed either in carton box,each 20kg net weight .

15.8 tons each 20ft container. 

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