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Antioxidant 2246





Universal phenolic antioxidant is widely used in natural rubber, synthetic rubber, latex, other variety of synthetic materials and petroleum products as antioxidant. General dosage is 0.10 to 1.5%. This product is widely used as phenolic antioxidants, applicable to a variety of plastic, ABS, AS, natural rubber.

Antioxidant 2246 is a universal strong double phenolic antioxidant, which is widely used natural rubber, synthetic rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, POM, ABS resin, chlorinated polyether and polyurethane synthetic material. Antioxidant 2246 has excellent thermal stability and good resistance to oxidation. It features no pollution, no color, no spray frost, good oil solubility and less volatile loss, without any influence on rubber vulcanization and plasticity, nor influence on the stability of latex, and less dosage, etc.


Appearance :White Crystalline Powder 
Melting Point :125-133 ��C
Content :��99%
Ash: ��0.1%
Volatile :��0.5%
Melting Hue:��60APHA


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Packing &Loading Quantity:

Packed in cardboard drums lined with plastic bags with the capacity of 25 kg or according to customers' demands.16mts/FCL

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