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Hydroxyl Modified Ternary Copolymer Resin AH-VAGH



Equivalent: ��VAGH�� ex Union Carbon 


It is hydroxyl modified ternary copolymer of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate & vinyl alcohol. Molecular weight: 27000. It is soluble in correspondingly strong solvent & thinner composition, for example, 50% ketone & 50% aromatic hydrocarbon, producing 20% (solid count) resin solution. VAH has very good mutual solubility with other filmforming matter, for example, alkyd resin, polyurethane elastomer, carbimide acetate resin, epoxy polymer, melamine resin, urea - formaldehyde resin, etc. It is often used with other filmforming matter, to improve paint performance, reinforce the adhesive power, flexibility, tenacity, hardness & chemical resistance of paint. 


AH-VAGH is widely used for paint, industrial repair paint, vessel paint, top paint of wood, paper coating, metal, can and container paint, PVC / steel board adhesive, aluminizer varnish, magnetic tape adhesive, etc. It has good adhesive power with PET paper, PVC, ABS, treated PE & OPP. It is complying with the standard of food & medical contact.


Appearance: white powder

Constituent: vinyl chloride:90%��1 vinyl acetate: 4%��

Vinyl Alcohol: 6%��0.5

Viscosity (ml/g): 54-58

Particle size 100%

Apparent density��g/ml�� ��0.5

Black dots/100g  ��10

Volatile matter: 1% max

Solubility (in 20% methyl ethyl ketone toluene solution): colorless & transparent

Packing &Loading Quantity:

Packing: 25kg per bag. 15mts/20FCL

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