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Chemical Name: 2-(2��-hydroxy-3��-tert-butyl-5��-methyl phenyl) -5-chloro benzotriazole

Cas No:  3896-11-5


1) Odorless, does not bring smells to the polymers

2) Insensitive to metal ion

3) Non-flammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, harmless to health.

4) Very high photo stability for its strong ability to absorb light especially in UV region 270-340 nm

5) Very stable to heat, and can be used in plastic, which require high processing temperature

6) Hardly absorbing visible light, especially suitable for the colorless and the light-colored products.


UV-326 is a benzotriazole type ultraviolet light absorber (UVA), imparting good light stability for plastics and other organic polymers. UV-326 is especially suited for polyolefins and cold cured polyesters. It protects polymers from UV radiation helping to preserve the original appearance and physical integrity, especially for polyolefins and polyester resins.


Appearance:  Yellowish powder 
Purity: ��99.0% by HPLC
Volatile matter: ��0.5%
Melting point: 137.0-142.0��C
Ash content : ��0.1%
Transmittance:   460nm   95.0%min
                            500nm   97.0%min

Packing &Loading Quantity:

20/25kg fiber drums or carton box

15tons per 20��GP

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